VISION. The North Flyer Organization, and its member organizations, Passenger Rail Oklahoma, Passenger Rail Kansas, and Passenger Rail Texas are working for you, the passenger rail traveler and business owner. We seek to develop a regional network of passenger rail services, shown to provide positive economic impact. Our membership actively spans the region, working at public, civic, city, state, and federal levels to introduce and promote pro-rail-business legislation. We have been successful introducing/ passing Kansas and Oklahoma legislation. We have worked in north Texas to propose redesign of the the Heartland Flyer that would add approximately 14,000 riders annually to the popular passenger train.

ACTION. The North Flyer Organization, and its member organizations are all about action. We offer as evidence the valiant work and accomplishment of our volunteers.

Eastern Flyer Task Force 
Tulsa – Oklahoma City (118 miles). 
Passenger Rail Oklahoma was instrumental in the passage of OK-2011-House Bill 1686. The Eastern Flyer Passenger Rail Development Task Force Act seeks to develop the 118 mile Tulsa – Oklahoma City corridor for conventional and High Speed Rail (HSR) services. This bill was signed by Governor Fallin April 21, 2011… 

Heartland Flyer Corridor Expansion
Kansas City – Wichita – Oklahoma City – Fort Worth (606 miles).
 Passenger Rail Kansas and Oklahoma membership were instrumental in 2008, convincing the state to fund an Amtrak study of the subject corridor. The corridor would link the Kansas City and Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Areas for the first time since 1979. The four-alternative study completed in March 2010 is included in this website… 

Raton Pass/ Southwest Chief Coalition
Chicago – Kansas City – Albuquerque – Los Angeles. 
Kansas rail travelers are blessed with access to scenic Raton Pass in Colorado and New Mexico. However; this might not be for long. Freight traffic, the life blood of any passenger rail route, has ended between La Junta, Colorado and Albuquerque, NM. Why?…